Gledališka predstava - English theatre


After a three-month preparation, on Sunday 6th April at 7:00 PM five children from English course performed a comedy in English called The Secret. It was a great chance for younger learners of English to learn new vocabulary, exercise memory as well as master pronunciation. However, the prime aim of the performance was to convince both the young and the old that English does not bite at all.
The plot talks about a 4-member family (mother and 3 daughters) living in a hut in the forest. One day the family is visited by ... a mysterious prince who looks for a wife.
He promises to marry the girl who can keep a secret for a week. In the course of the play we see that the two daughters (Delia and Diana) can not make it and, therefore, do not marry the prince. The third one, absent-minded Dina, forgets what the secret was and in this was she becomes his wife.